Meet our Australian and International Speakers:

Trevor Nottle – The History of Gardening in Australia

Trevor Nottle has a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture and lives in Adelaide. With a career spanning over 45 years, Trevor has cultivated a Mediterranean approach to garden design and plantsmanship.  In 2020, he received the South Australian Master Landscapers’ “Frank Ugody Award” for his outstanding lifetime contribution to the Industry.

Trevor is well respected as an Author, Horticultural Consultant, Lecturer and Garden Historian.  He has written 19 books, including ‘Gardens of the Sun’; ‘Growing Old Fashioned Roses’; ‘Plants for Mediterranean Climate Gardens’; ‘Old Fashioned Gardens’ and ‘The New Cottage Garden’. A regular contributor to Radio programs, social media and Gardening Magazines, he continues to promote gardening that is sustainable in our changing climate.

In this presentation Trevor will introduce the history of gardening in Australia since the arrival of the First Fleet until today; a relatively short history in comparison with older nations in Europe and Asia but it’s 233 years have seen unprecedented changes from the practices of the First Nations peoples. In recent years research has established that there were various forms of ‘gardening’ performed by the Aboriginals contrary to established Anglo-European lore. The lecture moves forward from this point.

Hayden Foulds (NZ) – New Zealand Rose Gardens, Roses and Breeders

Hayden Foulds is the current President of the New Zealand Rose Society, also serving as Editor of its two publications and webmaster. He has been a member of the Manawatu Rose Society since 1995 and is currently its President. Hayden is also heavily involved with the NZRS International Rose Trials in Palmerston North. In 2019, Hayden was presented with the T.A Stewart Memorial Award for services to the rose in Australia and New Zealand. Hayden has attended WFRS events in Japan, Australia, Canada, South Africa, France and New Zealand.  Hayden is a Production Manager in a native plant nursery.

Hayden will be giving a presentation featuring New Zealand Rose Gardens which will take the audience on a tour of the best rose gardens in New Zealand, showcase NZ bred roses and rose breeders of New Zealand.

Matthias Meilland – Shrub Roses in Today’s Gardens: The use of Shrub Roses old and new in Public Spaces

Matthias Meilland belongs to the 6th generation of one of the most famous rose families in the world, the House of Meilland in France. Meilland International creates innovative rose varieties for the cut flower industry, for garden planting and landscaping. With agents in over 62 countries, Meilland International is a leader in the rose world.

Born in 1977, Matthias Meilland started to learn about rose breeding at age 4, guided by his grandmother, Louisette Meilland, in the breeding field of Antibes, in the south of France. At age 7, he was nominated to have a rose named after him and Meifolio became his first selection. As a teenager, he followed his father, Alain Meilland, in central and south America while he was developing the cut flower industry.  After studying in California and developing his video production company, Matthias joined the family business to manage Public Relations for the House of Meilland in 2013. Today, he manages the marketing department and is often in Asia and the Oceania region to develop existing and new markets.

Enjoy Matthias’ presentation as he leads a tour around the globe showing the use of landscape roses in public spaces in different countries. Starting from the 1970s when the first landscape roses revolutionized the industry to nowadays introducing the latest new trends in landscaping, incorporating our favourite flowers in urban areas and highlighting the advantages.

Doug Grant (NZ) – New Zealand Rose Gardens, Roses and Breeders

Doug Grant has served as President of the New Zealand Rose Society from 1998 – 2001 and 2014 – 2018. He began his term as one of the Vice Presidents for Australasia for the World Federation of Rose Societies in 2015. In the same year, Doug’s leadership and outstanding contribution was recognised when he was awarded the WFRS World Rose Award for service to the New Zealand Rose Society. A successful rose breeder, he has been a long-time member of the Franklin District Rose Society and has served in many roles at a national level over many years.  Doug works as a scientist and consultant specialising in genetics and plant breeding.

Doug Grant’s presentation seamlessly fits in with Hayden Fould’s showcase of New Zealand Rose Gardens, innovative roses and NZ rose breeders. In particular, Doug pays tribute to one of the truly great rose breeders of the 20th Century, Dr. Sam McGredy IV who became a world leader in rose breeding and helped to establish Plant Variety Rights.

Prof. Chris Daniels BSc (Hons), PhD, DSc, FAICD – Australia’s Unique Fauna and Flora and the Impact of Humans

Chris Daniels is Chief Executive Officer of the International Koala Centre of Excellence and Chief Strategic Adviser to Cleland Wildlife Park. He is also Adjunct Professor of Biology in the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences at UniSA and Adjunct Professor of Zoology at Adelaide University. In 2020, he was appointed Presiding Member of the “Green Adelaide” Landscape Board for the South Australian Government. He is recognised for his environmental leadership activities centred around wildlife conservation and connecting people with nature.

Australia is the driest and hottest inhabited continent in the world. Our unique flora and fauna have evolved over millions of years in changing climatic conditions. More recently our Indigenous flora and fauna have been impacted by foreign settlers who have significantly altered the natural landscape for farming, mining, forestry and the establishment of our settlements and cities.

Professor Chris Daniels is a renowned, internationally acclaimed, Urban Ecologist and author. For over 20 years, he has entertained and informed audiences with his knowledge, wit and skill – commentating on Australia’s unique fauna and flora and their interaction with man-made environments or man-made decisions. In August 2021, an independent jury convened by The Advertiser (South Australia’s major daily newspaper) voted Chris second in the State’s 50 most influential Environmentalists.

This keynote address will introduce the audience to Australia’s unique habitat and the animals and plants that call Australia home and also explore the changing human impacts on the natural environment.

Chris Daniels, Photo Credit: The Advertiser

John Nieuwesteeg – Alister Clark and other Australian Rose Breeders:  100 years of Australian Rose Hybridising (Part A)

John Nieuwesteeg is a fourth-generation nurseryman who was born in the Netherlands and migrated to Australia as a 13-year-old and soon began work in horticulture. Proud of his heritage he is the second eldest of a large family.

John planted his first rose rootstocks on leased land in 1962. This business grew from humble beginnings into a wholesale production rose nursery, producing over 100,000 roses annually on 30 acres of land in Victoria’s Yarra Valley. John, with the assistance of his sons and other staff, grew modern roses including David Austin English Shrub Roses, old fashioned varieties and species roses. Old Australian roses are both his speciality and a lifelong passion.

Today, John still enjoys seeking out and identifying old rose varieties. He has been an active member of Heritage Roses in Australia for over 30 years and the Rose Society of Victoria for over 40 years.

In 2008, John was awarded the Deane Ross Memorial Award for making an outstanding contribution to the promotion of old roses and the Australian Rose Award in 2018. He has been a guest speaker at numerous Heritage Rose Conventions.

In retirement, John enjoys assisting in his youngest son’s rose growing business and is a respected and valuable member of the rose community in Australia.

Step back in time as John enlightens us about Australia’s pioneer rose breeders starting with Alister Clark, Australia’s most prodigious pioneer rose breeder who released 122 roses during his lifetime. Next came Olive Fitzhardinge who blended society life with breeding hybrid tea roses during the 1930s. Frank Riethmuller is remembered for his highly prized cultivars released during the 1950s. The common thread being roses which were hardy and well suited to our climate.

Paul Hains – Alister Clark Roses and other Australian Rose Breeders – 100 years of Australian Rose Hybridising (Part B)

Paul Hains is most well-known internationally for the creation of the new WFRS Website in 2018 and for establishing Facebook for the WFRS. He is well recognised for his leadership, having held positions at every level in rose societies, from local to international. Paul has received the two highest honours awarded in Australia for his outstanding contribution to the rose, the Australian Rose Award and the TA Stewart Memorial Award. He has also received the WFRS Literary Award for his first book, “Growing Roses in Subtropical Climates”.

Twice elected as National President in Australia, Paul has been a guest speaker or presenter on five continents, including WFRS World Rose Conventions and WFRS Regional Conventions. He was also a regional president for 6 years, overseeing many administrative changes to the societies.

Paul is also an avid rose breeder with a collection of new roses introduced in Australia over the last decade. Many of these are used as fundraisers for charities. One of his roses ‘Toni’, named for his wife, will soon be released overseas. He has maintained an active interest in hybridising and will be able to provide some first-hand insights into the exciting growth and developments in Australian rose breeding over recent decades.

                        Paul Hains, Photo Credit: Toni Hains

Sue Zwar – David Ruston and his role on putting Australia on the Rose World Map

Sue Zwar is a passionate gardener who, with her husband John, has spent the past 45 years developing an extensive garden in Coonawarra, a premium wine area in the South East of South Australia. This garden now covers about 3.5 hectares with a large variety of trees, shrubs and heritage roses. She has also developed and maintains a variety of public rose gardens around nearby Penola and Coonawarra.

Sue was instrumental in organising the South East Branch of the Rose Society of S.A. and was the inaugural Secretary. She and John also organised and ran the eleventh National Heritage Rose Conference in Mount Gambier in 2012. She is a Life Member of the Rose Society of South Australia.

Sue was born in Renmark, also the birthplace of David Ruston OAM, and in 2008 she and David embarked on writing a book about his life which took over two years in the making. This close liaison with David reinforced Sue’s awareness of how important David was to the rose world through his encyclopaedic knowledge of all garden plants, especially roses, and his willingness and generosity in sharing this knowledge.

Sue Zwar, Photo Credit: John Zwar

Daniel Boulens – Rose Gardens from Lyon and Elsewhere – Parks and Gardens and their importance for our cities

Daniel Boulens is a recent retiree who has spent his entire professional career in the field of public parks and gardens. In his last position, he was Director of Public Parks and Gardens of the City of Lyon in France, which includes the Botanical and Zoological Gardens of this city.

Since 2001, he developed a strategy to ban chemicals in public green spaces. And since 2007, no more chemicals have been used in public spaces in Lyon. This is exemplary!

Daniel enthusiastically promotes these new techniques at conferences in France, Europe and throughout the world (Japan, China, Australia, etc.).

Daniel Boulens is a leading and respected member of the French Rose Society and the Association Roses Anciennes en France (Heritage Roses). He is also an International Judge at rose trials in Lyon and in several European countries.

In 2015, Daniel assisted in the organisation of the 17th WFRS World Convention in Lyon. Everyone remembers this extraordinary convention and the international rose festival that invigorated the City of Lyon for six months with more than 600 rose-related events.Daniel will share with you his passion for roses and rose gardens of the world through some beautiful encounters where friendship with nature, gardeners and flowers are always present.

Thomas Proll – New Rose Styles – Unusual Rose Blooms for the Future

Thomas Proll was born in Barmstedt, Germany, not far from the premises of W. Kordes’ Söhne that would, in time, become his employer. He completed his studies at the University of Hanover, where he qualified in Horticultural Sciences, producing his thesis on Resistance and Susceptibility of Rosa Species and Hybrids to Powdery Mildew.

Thomas has worked with Kordes Roses for the past 25 years. Established in 1887, the family-owned business has spanned five generations and produced some of the world’s greatest roses.

As head of the breeding department, Thomas has been responsible for the development of new garden cultivars and pot roses since 1998 and now concentrates on the breeding of garden roses.

For over 20 years, Kordes Roses have focused on producing highly disease tolerant roses and have had many successes at rose trials in Australia and around the world.

Diane Sommers – The Rose Society in the Changing World

In 2021, Diane Sommers commenced her three-year term as the 57th President of the American Rose Society.  A rose grower for over forty years, Diane’s new garden in Wisconsin features more than 170 different rose varieties.  Diane has served as ARS Treasurer, NCD District Director and Region 5 Regional Director, in addition to chairing many ARS Committees.  Most recently, as chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, Diane spearheaded the implementation of technology solutions that increase access to quality programs and speakers for Consulting Rosarians, local rose societies and members.

Diane is a past president of two local rose societies and has been awarded the ARS Silver Honor Award and two Bronze Honor Awards for her outstanding contribution to the North Central District, the Milwaukee Rose Society and the Waukesha Rose Society.  She has also been recognised with the Outstanding Consulting Rosarian Award and the Outstanding Judge Award for service in her District.  Diane is an ARS Master Rosarian and Accredited Horticulture and Arrangement Judge.

The American Rose Society is celebrating its 130th Anniversary in 2022!  This is quite an accomplishment and while it is time to celebrate, it is also time to strategically invest in the future. Gardening is becoming more popular and the quality and variety of rose varieties continues to expand.   Diane Sommers, ARS President, will share activities underway as the ARS strives to stay relevant in today’s world, adding value for members and the gardening community.

Jacques Mouchotte – LINEA ROSA®: A database of Rose Lineage

Renowned Rose Breeder and author, Jacques Mouchotte was born in France and had a long and distinguished career working for the House of Meilland from 1978 to 2013. From 1993 until his retirement, he was the Director of Research for all breeding programs and introduced several hundred new rose varieties with many winning multiple awards. He attributes his rose breeding success to his mentor Mme. Marie-Louise “Louisette” Meilland (1920-1987).

Some of Jacques well-known varieties are Bonica, Debut, Carefree Wonder and Pierre de Ronsard as well as the Romantica Series, modern roses with an old-fashioned look, such as Yves Piaget. In the 1980s and 90s he developed Meillandina® miniature roses and Meidiland® landscape roses and from 2006 experimented with the concept of Drift® roses, ideal for small gardens. His many achievements include 2 Hall of Fame roses, 11 All America Rose Selection, 26 ADR champions and 91 Gold Medal winners in rose trials worldwide.

LINEA ROSA® is a comprehensive database of rose lineage created between 2013 to 2021, involving a massive 2,500 working hours compiling 20,668 entries. This fascinating presentation reveals the sources, research and dedicated work to create this important database which is maintained by the American Rose Society. It is a great research tool which provides rose descriptions with instant genealogy, genetical background and search options. A project of this magnitude is rare indeed.


An award-winning South Australian winemaker and farmer, Rose Kentish describes herself as a flavourist; she has been making wines since 1998, spirits since 2010 and dabbles in perfumery after completing Level 2 studies in Grasse, France. Her wines have received enthusiastic praise from Australia’s top critics, such as ‘these are cult wines’ (Decanter) and ‘Cult wine in the waiting’ (Max Allen) and have won numerous awards, including Rose named inaugural AWIW Australian Winemaker of the Year 2015.

In 2016, Rose co-founded Sparkke, a for-purpose brewing company. Then, in 2020 she brought to life a series of spirits, made from aging brewed products and local botanicals, including roses.

In mid-2020, Rose and her husband purchased a farm on Kangaroo Island and are working to bring the bushfire-ravaged land back to productivity. There, they hope to plant botanicals for use in future distilling and perfume.

Rose’s passion for scent and flavour has been the drive behind her intrigue of using roses in beverages. Their fragrance, and the flavour from delicate essential oils that she has managed to extract from their petals, has enhanced a range of beverages now sold commercially.

This thought-provoking lecture will explore the distilling method to extract pure essential oils from roses, a subject which has fascinated Rose Kentish for many years.  She used her perfumery studies to really accelerate and concentrate her interest and practical extraction of rose oils on both a 5L trial still and 200L production still. Through many trials, she tested different varieties of roses and the ultimate perfume and flavour extraction. Colour of the rose, variety, rose lifecycle and placement of the rose in the still have all affected the results.

Rose has made gin, vodka and vermouth using rose petal oils. The results are fascinating, but only the start of many more trials. And while the trials continue, the commercially available beverages are proof of the delicate, subtle and delicious qualities of roses in beverages.

For more information and to purchase these beverages visit  www.fullcirclespirits.com.au

ALLAN CAMPBELL OAM    –    SIR HANS and NORA HEYSEN: The history of Roses in their garden at ‘The Cedars’ and in their paintings

Allan Campbell is the Curator at The Cedars, Hans Heysen’s magnificent estate in Hahndorf which is now under the custodianship of the Hans Heysen Foundation. Allan completed extensive studies in teaching (at Wollongong Teachers College, University of Wollongong, and University of New South Wales), horticulture and landscape design (at Ryde School of Horticulture), and art (at the National Art School). He moved to Adelaide in 1980 and established a specialist retail plant nursery and landscape design consultancy in the Adelaide Hills. Since 1994 he has married his passions in education, gardens and art overseeing and promoting the Hans and Nora Heysen Foundations’ Collections. Allan has been awarded an OAM and Centenary medals for services to Conservation, Environment and Art.

Hans Heysen (1877 – 1968) remains one of Australia’s most popular and best loved artists. Although he is remembered more for his iconic landscapes of the Adelaide Hills and Flinders Ranges of South Australia, he was also a master flower painter. His superb oil paintings of roses picked from his own garden provide a wonderful record of the history of this unique artist’s garden. The garden continued to evolve through two further generations of Heysen family ownership. Over 300 roses continue to grow and flourish at The Cedars from the earliest plantings of Bourbons, early Teas and Musks in the 1920s and ’30s through to a wide variety of Hybrid Teas and Floribundas as favoured rose varieties of subsequent family members. Hans’ daughter Nora Heysen (1911-2003) established her own reputation as one of the nation’s finest exponents of the art of still life painting.

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